Pre-Capstone Study Abroad

Non-IU Summer Programs Abroad

If you choose to go on a non-IU program, make sure that it is an intensive 8-week long program, is administered by an official secondary institution, and offers homestay.

Before you begin planning your study abroad, make sure to see Russian Flagship staff.

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The location of the chosen program may affect funding opportunities and career options. Students are not barred from studying abroad in Russia, but those interested in working for the federal government may want to choose an alternative study abroad program in Latvia or Kazakhstan. Please be aware that Flagship funding may not be used for study abroad programs in Russia. However, there are a number of internal and external scholarships available for studying in Russia. The IU Russian Flagship staff stay up-to-date on all federal travel advisories and National Flagship Program guidelines to carefully advise students and help them choose the best program based on their needs, interests, and future goals.