Pre-Capstone Study Abroad

IU summer overseas program

In order to be better prepared for Capstone Year, Flagship students are required to spend a summer abroad studying Russian. Students discuss their pre-Capstone study abroad plans with Flagship stuff during their advising sessions throughout the year. Various info sessions and workshops are also helpful in discovering different study abroad opportunities and programs.

To fulfill the Flagship requirement, the pre-capstone study abroad program must:

  1. Be an intensive Russian language program conducted at an official secondary institution.
  2. Be at least eight weeks long
  3. Include a homestay.

We recommend that students participate in one of the programs offered by the Advanced Russian Language & Area Studies Program (RLASP), because they meet all of the above criteria and they are administered by our partners at American Councils for International Education.

RLASP has Russian language program locations in: Moscow, Russia; St. Petersburg, Russia; Vladimir, Russia; and Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The RLASP-Almaty summer program is an official IU co-sponsored summer study abroad program. Flagship students are eligible to receive Flagship Funding if they attend the RLASP-Almaty summer program. (Flagship funding cannot be used for RLASP in Russia).

Students may also participate in the IU co-sponsored summer study abroad program offered by the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) in St. Petersburg. Flagship Funding cannot be used for this program and interested students should apply to the program directly through the IU Office of Overseas Study.

Non-IU summer programs abroad

Russian Flagship students can also study abroad in one of the many non-IU summer programs such as the Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) program. While most students opt to study abroad in the summer, some choose to attend semester-long programs like those offered by RLASP or the IU CIEE program in St. Petersburg.

As long as the non-IU program (summer or semester-long) meets the Flagship criteria listed above, then it satisfies as the pre-Capstone study abroad experience. Other than the University of Georgia Immersion in the Russian Language, Culture, and Communities in the Baltics Program (IRLCCB), Flagship funding cannot be used for non-IU programs or semester-long programs.

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