Intensive Summer Russian

Learning Russian at the Indiana University Language Workshop

Description of the video:


Greetings! I am the director of the Indiana University Russian Workshop.
I'm very glad to welcome you to our page.
Let me tell you about our school.
First, we are a uniquely dedicated and professional team of instructors.
We have been teaching Russian for over 70 years.
Since 1950, scores of talented professionals have graduated from our program;
and gone on to work in a wide range of careers,
from government services to academic programs.
If you study Russian in a U.S. university
the chances are that some of your instructors studied at Indiana University.
We pride ourselves on the quality of our program.
Students of the Russian Workshop
invariably advance their Russian proficiency.
Each student receives an official ACTFL proficiency certificate at the end of the summer.
What makes the program so effective?
We create an atmosphere carefully designed to foster language learning,
and to help students immerse themselves in Russian culture.
The Workshop emphasizes speaking.
Every day in addition to class
students meet with conversation tutors to develop their speaking skills.
Students also enjoy a broad selection of diverse clubs and activities, after class, all in Russian.
Central to student success is the language pledge.
All students of the Workshop commit to speaking only Russian for the duration of the program.
The final key to the success of the Workshop is the students.
Workshop students are an amazing, talented, creative group of people
and it is fascinating to spend time with them.
Join the Workshop and see for yourself.
Мы ждём Вас!

IU Summer Language Workshop

The IU Summer Language Workshop (SLW) is a Flagship-approved domestic language training site for Russian Language Flagship students from around the country.

The SLW offers six levels of Russian taught by experienced faculty. Coursework is supplemented by one-on-one and small-group tutoring and a range of active learning opportunities, including culture nights, Russian language table, interest groups and clubs, and film screenings.

Students attending the SLW complete a full level of Russian in 8 weeks (9 weeks for 1st- and 2nd-year Russian) and pay in-state tuition regardless of their state of residence.

Flagship students are eligible for Flagship funding that partially covers the cost of the program. In addition to Flagship funding for domestic language study, Flagship students are also eligible for a number of IU scholarships and federal grants. Check out all of the Summer Language Workshop funding opportunities and application deadlines here.

Questions? Check out their FAQ page here.