The Language Flagship

What is the Language Flagship?

  • The goal of the Language Flagship is to change the way foreign languages are taught in the U.S.from K-College.  
  • This national initiative was designed by the federal government in partnership with higher education to make sure that higher education students graduate with professional-level language fluency.  
  • A student participating in a Language Flagship can obtain superior language proficiency and cultural literacy in just 4 years making them ready for careers in the federal government, global business, nongovernmental organizations, and other fields.

What is the Flagship Model?

  • The Flagship model consists of rigorous domestic and overseas language study. 
  • While engaged in domestic study, students participate in intensive language courses which are supplemented by weekly one-on-one tutoring sessions and a number of co-curricular activities. These activities are designed to allow students of all levels to practice applying their language skills to discuss different topics in both formal and informal settings. The Language Flagship is a language-learning community and these events help students make close friends and establish support systems. 
  • The Flagship program culminates in a Capstone Year Abroad featuring rigorous language study, extensive cultural immersion, and a professional internship.  
  • Upon successfully completing the Program, students will receive official Flagship Certification which will open up many employment opportunities, especially with the U.S. Government.

What Makes the Language Flagship Unique?

The Flagship Program is specially designed to meet the academic needs and the career goals of each individual student:  

  • Flagship students gain practical language experience relevant to their field of study. 
  • The Capstone Year internship is designed to complement each student’s academic specializations and help them reach their professional goals.  
  • Students who are selected to participate in Flagship programs can receive up to $20,000 in funding for study abroad and summer intensive language learning. 
  • Flagship students are prepared for jobs in the federal government, NGOs, and international corporations.